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The Rules

The rules were started eons ago,

They came from a place of power and control, fear and domination.

They formed a construct under which everyone operated.

They were passed down the line, reinforced with each generation.

Over time they morphed a little, but with each generation the underlying principals remained the same.

The rules have created a version of you that has wrapped itself around the truth of who you are. You exist within the rules, subconsciously following what was set down for you eons ago.

Yet your soul yearns to break free, to rediscover the essence of who you truly are. To explore yourself outside the rules that tell you how to behave, dress, speak, learn, relate and operate.

They keep you small.

They deflate your worth.

When you consciously deconstruct the rules, question them from the inside out, you rediscover your brilliance and you fully step into who you came here to be, not who society told you that you should be.

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