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Follow your own lead - being your authentic self

Hi all, it's been an age since I last wrote a blog post.

Why is that?

Well, I just haven't felt the push. The last few years ( wow, really that long?) has been about going within, letting go and being fully authentic.

So in order to honour that, I have limited my posting on social media, haven't sent out newsletters or written blog posts.

Now of course, those 'influencers' out there ( whatever that means in the real world) would say that that is a bad business strategy and that being seen is vital for business.

To which, I say hogwash.

In order to be my authentic self, I needed to honour what my intutuion is guiding me to do. That's what I encourage my clients to do, so how hypocritical would it be if I just faked it in order to be 'seen'.

What your heart is calling you to do right now is vital, not only for yourself, but for where the world is heading. We need to sit in the energy of our own authenticity in order to grow and lean into love and gratitude. We aren't seen as much as we are felt, given that everything is energy, and even though not everyone is tuned to that energy consciously, we are deeply aware of it at a soul level.

How that authenticity shows up will be different for everyone. For some it will be about finding their voice, others about setting and maintaining boundaries. For others it will be about facing their fears and getting down and gritty with those shadow parts of ourselves that we would much rather not look at.

When each of us takes care of our own, honours who we truthfully are, and shows up time and time again in the strength of our authenticity - we remind others that they can do the same. Because, at a vibrational level, they can already feel the shift within you. this happens the moment you decide to be there for yourself, your TRUE self. This sensing of a shift in energy is palpable, and collectively the world will shift.

So take a little time out to do a self assesment. Be real with yourself. Be blunt with yourself. Look at yourself from all angels and allow your heart to gently remind you of who you are and what you really need. Heal what you need to - on your owh or with a practitioner. Forgive yourself and others - holding out in anger or resentment is only hurting you more. Laugh at your misfortunes and remind yourself of the lessons these moments are showing you.

When you allow yourself to step fully into your authenticity, you will invite in joy. And gratitude. And even when there are shadows in your life, you will remember that shadows are only there because of the sun. You are the sun. Shine brightly.

Shine your snazzy little authentic self until the world is blinded by your light.

Be the sun

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