And step into your Authentic Self.

A Guide for Going Within.

This is for you: 

  • If you're feeling a little lost, confused or overwhelmed.

  • If you're having an awakening or massive change is overwhelming.

  • If you feel the real you has been buried and you can't make anything work.

  • If you're afraid you won't be accepted.

  • If you fear what others think of you.

  • If you have difficulty letting go.

  • If you fear you might fail publicly.

  • If you worry and overthink.

  • If your fear rejection or being judged by others.

  • If you don't believe who you are or what you do is ever enough.

  • If you feel like an imposter and you need to boost your confidence.

  • If fear stops you living the life you want to live.

  • If you want to speak your truth. Be your truth. Live your truth.

Who Are You?

Module 1:

  • Who are you?

  • What labels do you have?

  • Who are you meant to be?

  • Lifetime programming & societal conventions and how they have shaped who you are.

Your Authentic Self

Module 2:

  • Who is your authentic self?

  • What mask do you wear?

  • Societal/gender/cultural rules & how the effect your authenticity.

Letting Go of Fear

Module 3:

  • Facing fear & letting go.

  • Self talk +ve vs. -ve

  • Being present.

  • Self-awareness.

Valuing Yourself

Module 4:

  • Valuing what's within without outside validation.

  • Self abuse

  • Gratitude

Comfort Zones

Module 5:

  • What is stopping you?

  • Stepping outside your comfort zone.

  • Speaking your truth without guilt or shame.


Module 6:

  • Being imperfect

  • Allowing vulnerability

  • Reviewing 

  • Celebrating milestones


  • Find your voice.

  • Step into confidence with sass and grit.

  • Be tenacious, excited & courageous in relationships and at work.

  • Feel bold, fearless & renewed to take on challenges.

  • Act with clarity, vision & direction in all areas of life, understand where your fears have stemmed from and how to overcome them

  • Uncover hidden challenges that have been holding you back from truly accessing your confidence

  • Know without doubt who you are, what your purpose is.

  • Walk and speak your truth and live life in alignment with your soul.



With over 100 questions/activities/challenges

this 6 Module Course will guide and direct you as you find your authentic voice.




90 mins a week for 6 weeks.

With support, encouragement and intuitive insight my group coaching will assist and support you to work your way through the 6 modules together.

Sessions in GROUPS OF 5 via Skype/Zoom.



90 mins a week for 6 weeks.

With support, encouragement and intuitive insight my coaching will assist you to dig further and reach greater heights as you work your way through the 6 modules.

Sessions in person or via Skype/Zoom.


"Purpose doesn't come from what you do, it comes from knowing who you are. When you know who you are your sense of purpose follows."

What Jo says..

" I have found a lovely wave of self acceptance coming over me. Instead of constantly people pleasing I am pleasing myself . I am clearer, more focused on my needs and goals, more relaxed, less critical and most of all I am starting to have fun doing things I love. Thanks Fiona for this opportunity xxx "

What Tammy says..

"For people who feel lost or just need to believe in themselves again, this course is amazing, eye opening, mind opening and life changing."


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