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Rapid. Permanent. Life-changing.

  • "Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) is a powerful therapy method. RTT is different to other therapy techniques such as CBT and talk therapy because it achieves outstanding lasting results very quickly.

  • RTT, a form of hypnotherapy, empowers the individual to understand and change limiting beliefs that reside in the subconscious, that conscious thinking and will power does not resolve.

  • Connect with your Higher Self to transform and claim back your power, strength and courage.

  • With positive, empowering language and personalised affirmations, change has the power to happen rapidly due to a  willingness to release and let go.

  • My work is about empowering you with your own confidence and strength, not relying on continual therapy to reach the peace, joy and happiness you are searching for.


  • Why do I love it? Because it works.It is amazing to witness growth and change in such a short period of time. Real change, for real people, who often think nothing can work for them. But it does.

 Remove Limiting Beliefs with  Lasting Results.


  • When we change the meaning of something we've experienced, we change the outcome and the automatic emotional response is altered permanently.

  • RTT is an empowering and phenomenal therapy to assist with many issues: quit smoking, lose weight,  phobias, anxiety, imposter syndrome, depression, worthiness,  insomnia, addictions, overcoming rejection, need for validation, public speaking and many more with rapid and long term changes. Use the power of your subconscious. 


When you understand the origin of your issue it empowers you to be free of it. Understanding is freedom.

RTT is more dependable than hypnosis, NLP or EFT, and 10X quicker than traditional therapy.

  • Overcome anxiety or depression without medication.

  • Feel courageously confident without spending a lot of time getting there.

  • Achieve success without procrastination.

  • Travel/show your art/audition without anxiety.

  • Lose weight without yoyo dieting.

  • Stop self sabotage without compromising your goals.

  • Enjoy your work without burnout.

  • Stop fear & uncertainty.

  • Release abundance blocks.

  • Reclaim your health & vitality.

  • Whatever is stopping you, there is a solution.


  • RTT is a deeply relaxing technique where you are in control during the whole session. Your subconscious finds the root cause of your issue and with positive and encouraging wording, you are able to reform your understanding of your issue.

  • Fears and limiting beliefs are reversed, even those carried over from a past life. 

  • A specialised recording, specific for each client is provided for home-listening to reinforce changes brought about during this powerful treatment.

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Receive your own bespoke recording & affirmations to reinforce your session at home. Watch yourself transform. Be empowered.

Habits of action are caused by habits of thought. By changing the thinking behind the action, you are free to change your behaviour. Exploring the Role/Function/Purpose of your issue, you develop an understanding of your issue and understanding is power.

CONTACT ME NOW : PH 0418 512 822


2.5 hour session with personal recording & affirmations, follow up  check-in

 $350.00 AUD


2.5 hour session with personal recording & affirmations, follow up text and follow up coaching phone call after the first week for support and guidance, 1 month check-in 

$450.00 AUD

2.5 hour session with personal recording & affirmations, follow up text and follow up coaching phone calls each week for three weeks for support and guidance , 1 month check-in

 $550.00 AUD


RTT + 6 Week Coaching

2.5 hour RTT session with personal recording & affirmations, follow up text and follow up phone calls each week for the three weeks you listen to your recording for support and guidance.

Personal 1:1 coaching for the following three weeks to assist implementing change.

$1500.00 AUD



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