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Soul Awakening

90 Days to a Divine Life

On the outside does your life look successful?

Or do others look at you with envy or wish they could have what you have or do what you do?

Or deep down inside, are you unhappy, stressed or watching dreams slip away? Not sure of who you are anymore or wishing things could be different? Are you looking for life satisfactionUncertain if you are living your life or a life that's been created around you?

If you could imagine your perfect life, what would it look and feel like? Do you dare allow yourself to? Are you done with playing small?

Do you want to create for yourself a life that is happy, fulfillingthat is so excitingly life-changing & empowering?

I will get you from:

  • Anxious to Calm

  • Overwhelmed to In Control

  • Stressed to Open & Relaxed

  • Uncertainty to Hope

  • Lack to abundant 

Along the way you will see:

  • An increase in confidence

  • Greater motivation

  • Better Communication

  • Improved life satisfaction.

  • Understanding of self

Are you feeling:

  • The call to be authentic?

  • To step into the rise of the feminine?

  • To listen to your intuitive soul?

  • To empower yourself & others?

  • To understand yourself & your divine purpose?

Do you wish to:

  • Awaken your soul?

  • Claim your divinity?

  • Embrace your inner energetic force?

  • Feel the flow of life?

  • Be abundant & joyful in all you do?

What's Involved?

Transformational Life Coaching

"The amount of changes is mind blowing"

  • My Soul Awakening is one-on-one, focused directly on YOU.

  • Your coaching sessions are fluid and creative, designed to be built together.

  • You will create visions of exactly how you wish to see yourself in this life & then actively move towards it.

  • You will discover strategies deep within you to counteract your biggest fears so that you overcome them.

  • You will develop an unstoppable mindset that will kick into action on those ‘meh’ days.

  • You will design a skillset of tools at the ready to show that you have phenomenal coping skills whenever life throws shit at you.

  • You will find secret stores of energy by tapping into that which is the truth of who you are.

Transformational Life Coaching





  • Rapidly let go of exhaustion

  • Strengthen your mind

  • Smash through limiting beliefs

  • Power through blocks

  • Let go of the fear of losing everything you have worked for

  • Eliminate the burdens of life

  • Remove the need to prove your worth

  • Reset your mindset

  • Turn anxiety into powerful energy to drive yourself forward

Transformational Life Coaching

"I feel more in control & definitely feel calmer."

  • So where are you right now on the scale of 1-10, where 1 is “Hmm, this sounds interesting” and 10 is “YES! YES! I am so doing this NOW!”?

  • Do you recognize that investing in Transformational Coaching is an investment in you? How much money have you already paid in trying to find that happiness & satisfaction?

  • My aim as your Transformational Life Coach is to show you how you can live a life of joy and happiness.

  • I will offer you insights, frank and honest observations and hold you accountable.

  • I will honor your values but push you to explore your depth.

  • I ask for honesty and a willingness to go further than you may have before.

  • I will support you, encourage you and guide you so you you can operate at your peak.

Transformational Life Coaching

Get Over




  • Discover flexibility to let go of emotional limitations

  • Take control of emotionally driven habits & patterns

  • Form new ways of thinking and being

  • Relieve the pressure of being responsible for everything

  • Develop skills to switch off and relax

  • Revitalise your energy

  • Open yourself to abundance

Become the alchemist of your life.

Step into divinity.

Own your power.

Shine your light.

The world is waiting.

Butterfly Lane Logo

"My greatest difficulty is that following on from my journey with you to reclaim my authentic self and find peace in my life, I can barely recall the state that I was in last year. But here goes.....


In 2019, I reached for the stars and applied for a job that I did not expect to get. However, the universe had other plans and to my surprise and excitement I landed the senior managers position. Outwardly I was excited and delighted however the job quickly exposed every crack in my being - self doubt; not being good enough; afraid to speak up; shouldering responsibilities that were not mine and being a people pleaser. This quickly put me in a space of fear and defensiveness; feeling alone and with no one to turn to. Leaving the job was not an option and so after following Fiona's page on facebook for several months, this was the impetus for me to make that phone call and I am so glad that I did. 


Working with Fiona for the three months was the greatest gift and investment that I have given myself. Fiona created a supportive and safe space where I was able to explore my fears and feelings of not being good enough. To see the mask that I was wearing and to understand the roots from which my fears, lack of trust, taking on responsibility for everyone around me and people pleasing came from. I was able to understand, forgive and rewrite those early memories in a way that has allowed me to move forwards in peace and calm and with boundaries. I am now able to be empathic towards the circumstances of those around me without feeling a connection or pull to their situation which would previously have me putting them first and supporting them. Now I listen without any connection to their issue. It is theirs and not mine. I have all care and no sense of responsibility which is so freeing.


last year my body was vibrating/shaking from the pressure of the mask that I wore. Now I have rediscovered and reclaimed my authentic self. My body is calm and peaceful as the mask is gone and it is safe to truly be seen. I no longer loose sleep and where I was experiencing work as a battle ground now this is a neutral space and I have a supportive team around me. I see my freedom in the every day and am acting upon a better plan for self care that sees my taking time out from work and family to do the things that make my soul sing.


I can not thank you enough Fiona for the way that you supported me to come home to myself. "



Deb 🙏


$3000 AUD
* Payment
Transformational Life Coaching

" Helped me get out of my dark spot."

  • Over 3 months you will explore,  Rapid Transformational Therapy,  Emotion Code and my Live.Your.Truth. program during one-on-one sessions focused directly on you. This is a unique program designed to give you definitive positive change. Rapid, permanent change.

  • Are you committed and ready to overcome any obstacles you think may surface or get in the way?

  • Are you super excited to find all the parts of you so that you can finally feel satisfied, happy and fulfilled in life?

  • I can feel the buzz. Can you?

  • Contact me now and let's get you started on that amazing, abundant and enriched  life you deserve, want and are ready for.

Transformational Life Coaching





  • Move confidently to where you want to be

  • Meet your own expectations and hopes instead of the expectations of others

  • Release yourself from feelings of guilt or not being good enough

  • Understand who you are and celebrate and accept every part of yourself without shame

  • Greet each day with enthusiasm and excitement

  • Fully master your mind

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