Fiona van Lochem

Why do I do what I do?

Simply because I love helping people find that little kernel of themselves and alchemise their limitations.

I love guiding and empowering people to see their full potential and live and be it, to connect fully with their energy.

Why ?

I want to help you experience yourself and fall in love with yourself and the life that you can create for yourself.

Because when you do, when you fully embrace your potential, your creativity, your intuition, your knowing, your magic, and your kickass confidence it starts a ripple effect.

When you step into your truth, when you fully OWN and BELIEVE in your strength and empowerment you exude such confidence that it invites others to do the same. Often, without knowing, you inspires others to reach within and find themselves too. To reconnect to self. To bring about community.

There is strength in intuition, in support, in encouragement, in unity that no amount of competition, fear, insecurity or scarcity can undo. Once you remember the truth of who you are and claim it fully for yourself you become a formidable and healing force in the community.

This is what the world needs now. It needs healing and nurturing, love, kindness and understanding. This can be achieved once you stand in your power and share it with others.

Is this possible?

Hell yeah!

Why me? Because it's in me, it's the fibres of who I am and what I am here to do. Life has thrown shit at me and I've survived. Life has pushed me and I've pushed back. Life has asked me to level up, to dig deep, to connect to my magic, my spirituality and woo woo side and really stand strong in the truth of who I am. I am intuitive and connect with my inner knowing to guide me in helping you.

So if you are stuck, I can help you find the way to become unstuck. If you are lost, I can help you find the pieces to put yourself back together again.

If you want support to grow in a way you never ever thought possible, I can help you.

I will intuitively connect energetically, empathetically and spiritually to help you see things within you, unlock your potential and release your limitations.

Whatever your challenge is, I can help.


Knowing you, understanding you. Connecting with you. Empowering you.

Empowering you to understand and transform all that is holding you back.

Part of you will be resistant to this. Why? Because you know that change is required. Change means shifting things around. And that can be scary. But hiding from it will only make the wounds fester.Change also means new opportunities. That's why support is vital and I am that support.

Don't look at the top of the mountain and think 'I can't get there.' Focus your attention on the first little step. Step one, just do it. Step two, realise you have no clue. Step three, do it anyway. We'll walk together, swearing and laughing, stumbling but figuring it out.

Why do I do what I do?

Because of you. Thank you x.  

Fiona xx

I live in Victoria, Australia, and am a Transformational Coach & Intuitive Healer with a passion for personal development & natural health.

I am a mother of two, and former teacher and am excited to offer transformational and empowering therapies and courses.
Initially, my teaching career took me to the Flying Fruit Fly Circus, then to run a drug-prevention program with Life Education. I stepped into a role co-ordinating a Students at Risk program for a multi-campus college before leaving teaching to start a family.

All plans to return to formal teaching altered dramatically when it was discovered that my eldest child had special needs as well as other health issues. Although commonly understood and diagnosed today, 23 years ago Aspergers was not so well recognised which resulted in some rather tumultuous years. I concentrated on being a full time mother working casually running workshops locally.
Initially Anger Management and Motivational programs at the local Community House , then a support program as part of the Midwifery Unit for VBAC couples at the local hospital together with Team Building for staff at a retirement village.

I trained along-side Healthcare Professionals in the allergy elimination technique N.A.E.T. in order to understand but not practice, and was a member of the Health Games Board. I also co-presented a workshop on Emotional Quotient at the World Education Fellowship International Conference when it came to Australia.

However motherhood became the main focus after it all became too much. The local Theatre Company became my connection with the community and I performed in many productions over the years and actively worked on building relationships with Interior Design department of a tertiary adult education provider.

2015 saw a huge number of life changes. An end to a long-term marriage and the independence of my eldest child meant new options. I dabble in art, am a certified Emotion Code Practitioner and Transformational Coach running personal development programs   and am a Rapid Transformational Therapist.

With training in Reiki and Seichim, my healing and coaching are on a conscious, subconscious and energetic level, I am excited to combine my modalities to provide a unique, self-affirming and empowering approach to personal growth.