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I'm Calling out your Bullshit

I thought long and hard about starting a blog. Why? Because there are blogs aplenty, with words scattered everywhere across the internet.

Yet how much truth is in those words?

Real heartfelt truth?

Truth about the real goings on inside of you?

I see you.

I see the truth of you.

When you speak.

When you act.

When you pretend.

Because this is what we are all indulging in. An act of pretence – that we are happy, that we have our shit in a pile, that we are working on bettering ourselves.

But this is all bullshit.

You know it is.

I know it is.

Actual reality is that you’d rather stay in your world of familiarity than stretch yourself.

You’d rather stay in your world of familiarity, as dreadful and restrictive as that is than actually explore the real truth of who you are and expose that to the world.


Because it takes work.

It takes courage.

It takes tenacity to push through and see it to the end.

So you start on a new diet. And then it ends.

And you start on a new fitness routine. And then it ends.

And you claim to yourself that tomorrow you will tell that person who upsets you how they make you feel. And then you don’t.

And you go to gatherings with people you don’t like, either related or not, even though you swore you would act different next time.

But you don’t.

You follow the familiar path, act how everyone expects you to act and die a little more inside each time.

So when you say you will change. That is bullshit.

When you say you will seek out help. That is bullshit.

When you don’t stand up, nor speak out that is also bullshit.

Why? Because you are getting something from staying where you are at.

You are getting something by not changing.

You are getting something by not speaking out.

You need to take a good honest look and name what that is.

Only then can you start to step into the truth of who you are.

Because I see It when you don’t.

And if I can see it, so can others.

Including you.

If you're ready to do the work contact me

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