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Disclosure Even Is Immanent

Truths are coming out thick and fast. How to prepare yourself for what is coming.

What We Are About to Hear......

The truth of our reality is slowly being revealed and the world as we once knew it, being dismantled. For some, this will be greeted with intrigue and enthusiasm. For others it will come as a shock. However much we know, or think we know, there will be things in the disclosure that will rock us. No one’s response will be the same as another’s and no one’s response is right or wrong. It just is what it is meant to be, for that individual, in that moment. You may be wondering, what disclosure? Yet, there will be a part of you, that knows that something isn’t right. That things are not adding up. That the last 2.5 years, as least, the world has felt unstable and somewhat crazy. And for good reason. Starting with the premise, that everything you have ever known, have ever been taught or told, has been a lie, will make the acceptance of disclosure easier to move into. What is about to be revealed on a world scale, will challenge your understanding of the world, will challenge your understanding of yourself and your place in the world. Yet, we have always been faced with challenges, and you have come through them with strength and resilience - and you might have surprised yourself. This time will be no different. Other than, this time everyone will be going through it together, all at the same time. You may experience all the stages of grief – denial, anger, bargaining, depression, acceptance. Or some of those. Or none. Remember, even those you love and know the best, may respond in ways different to you or different to what you might expect from them. This disclosure event is personal to every single one of us, so each of us will respond in the way that feels best for us to assimilate this new information. Be gentle with yourself and those around you. Allow yourself to digest each piece of disclosure and revelation at your own pace. Some will want to know everything, all at once,. Others may find the whole thing overwhelming, and retreat from what is being shown and told. Some may dip in and out….taking some things in….then taking time to digest that…before allowing themselves to take in more. Trust yourself with what you can deal with and follow your intuition to guide you as to what to expose yourself fully to and what to just get the key ideas about. Remember, not everyone will want or need to know all the details about all that is being disclosed. Follow what your heart is calling you to comprehend, and honour where other people are at. Talking with others will naturally ease the shock of what is being revealed, yet give yourself the space to withdraw and be in your own energy when you need. Always be aware of what this bring up within you. There will be many triggers. Be aware of how you are feeling. Be aware of the toll It may take on your physical body. Do the inner work to recognise and honour what you are feeling. Do the inner work to release what you need to. Always, always be kind to and gentle with yourself through this. And please…PLEASE….reach out for support. I am here to support and guide you through this event, to help you with the triggers, to answer questions and fill in the blanks where I can….to remind you that you are not alone in how you feel about what is being revealed….but mostly to remind you how powerful and amazing you are and that things are about to become so wonderful. Fiona :) x A Wisdom Words Support Session can be conducted over the phone/skype/in person. Please book via email or phone 0418 512 822. $80/hour

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