Life is actually about letting go


In order to move forward you have to let go of the past.

For it is in the past that we dwell, that our thoughts and emotions lead us.

It is in the past that we continue to forge the same outcomes based on the same patterns of thought, behaviour and emotions.

It is in the past that our neurological pathways are hardwired and our biochemical responses are automatic.

So in order to move forward we must first become aware of who we are and how we became to be.

We must become aware of our automatic thought processes that lead to our automatic emotional responses. When we are aware we have the choice to repeat the pattern or change.

Nothing will change unless we do. Our health will remain the same. Our relationships will remain the same. Our finances will remain the same. Our stress levels will remain the same.

When we recognise that the only thing that we, alone, can be responsible for are the thoughts in our head, everything turns on a dime.

For it is with our thoughts that we can step outside ourselves. It is with our thoughts that we can change our internal world even if our external world remains the same. It is with our thoughts that we can heal our heart and body.It is with our thoughts that we connect to that which we wish to draw to us.

So when we let go, we are open to receive. When we discard our old selves we are open to something new. When we stop our limiting thoughts we allow new neurological pathways to form.

In that, anything is possible.

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