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How our ignorance of ourselves perpetuates discrimination.

No one likes to think of themselves as discriminatory.

However, unless you are part of a minority, you will at some point in your life, have discriminated.

Awareness of this discrimination only comes about when, as the individual, you are effected personally. Up until that point will are blissfully ignorant of how we contribute to discrimination due to our unwillingness or inability to examine the self.

I had a job as a facilitator for a Work for the Dole program. I was employed to run personal development for the participants.

It was an uphill battle from the get go, lots of squirming and resistance, with one participant voicing openly, "no one wants to look at themselves. It's too hard. "

And there in lays a deep rooted societal problem.

How can we expect things around us to change if we are not prepared to change ourselves?

We are contributing to the discrimination that is being set up for the next generation because we are too lazy or scared to work on ourselves. In doing so we allow the culture of descrimination to perpetuate because we are too afraid to examine how we contribute to that discrimination.

The Harvey Weinstein's of the world do not grow in power and position in a vacuum... they come about through a culture of ignorance of self. There are people abusing positions of power and privilege in your workplace, in your family, in your friendship groups, in volunteer organisations.

Think of the legacy you are leaving future generations with your refusal to work on yourself. True change will only happen when you fully step into yourself.

Historically minority's are discriminated against due to ignorance. You have the opportunity to change this discrimination by changing yourself. Being aware of who you are, why you have the values you have, how your belief systems have shaped you and how you would respond if walking in the shoes of a minority is the beginning of self-awareness.

Look within, understand where your fears and limitations lay and move mountains to understand yourself.. if not for you then at least for future generations.

It's time to step into change. Book a life-changing session with me

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