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Being Authentic

Are you?

Authentic that is?

In the true sense of the word, probably most of us aren’t authentic 100% of the time. As much as we would like to be.


Because we don’t want to be seen to be flawed. Gosh, then everyone would know we have FAULTS. That we aren’t perfect. Imagine that!

This little illusion we create for ourselves can often be seen through by everyone around us anyway, so the only one we are fooling is ourselves.

On the outside, we may appear to be happy, have our shit together, but inside we are struggling.

Fake smile, fake life on Instagram/Facebook.

But why? Because society is very good at covering up things. Pretending things aren’t as they really are. Not facing reality.

Reality can be scary. It calls us to look at the darkest and hardest parts of ourselves and be accountable. It calls on us to work on ourselves. Uggg!

Often, we don’t measure up. And you know what, that’s ok. We are not meant to be perfect, but we are meant to work on improvement.

The media’s portrayal of perfection has held a lot of sway for a long time. Authenticity is often a joke and being accountable for the lack of authenticity is the punchline. So I was inclined to comment on a refreshing post on FB from Wendy Cooke, Founder of Australia’s Luxury Fashion line, whose post read (in part) “ we believe that honesty in advertising is rare and we believe to be rare in this day and age is ok by us.”.

Why did I comment when I don’t usually? Because authenticity people. When it’s there, it should be acknowledged.

There are empires falling everywhere due to lack of authenticity and the truth is finally being told.

So, if you are totally honest with yourself, and realise you are not being authentic to who you really are due to some fear of rejection, judgement or loss, think hard and fast about how much of your life you have wasted being someone you are not.

Empower yourself to transform. Empower those around you to transform.

The tide is turning and you are being called to step out from behind the ego of fear.

The world is waiting and it’s time for change.

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