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Do you Give Life to your Fears?

I once heard someone tell the story of life ending.

It went something like this.....

Imagine you are laying in your death bed.

Those that you love are standing to your right.

Your hopes and dreams are standing to your left.......

Have you heard this one?

When I heard it, I thought is was profound. It really made me stop and think.

And then I realised there was more to it.


Imagine you are laying in your death bed.

Those that you love are standing to your right.

They are bereft and grief washes over them.

Your hopes and dreams are standing to your left.

They are bewildered and confused.

And at the foot of your bed are your fears.

They are gleeful and scheming.

You have lived a good life, sharing your heart and home with those you love.

Sharing the good and bad with those you love.

But you also shared your home with your hopes and dreams.

And your fears.

Your dreams stood by you and cheered you on.

They waited, occasionally reminding you of their presence.

They were polite and quiet.

Your fears spoke loudly.

They voiced their opinion every day.

They poked, harassed and tormented you relentlessly.

You payed a lot of attention to your fears.

They grew in stature and importance.

Over time your dreams stood back.

Shrunk a little.

When you finally pass your loved ones leave.

They are sad and lost without you.

Quiet and withdrawn.

When you pass your fears leave.

They are loud and celebratory.

Cheering and demonstrative.

Your dreams are confused.

They cannot leave.

They watch and wait.

Then they realise that they are dying too.

All that they could have achieved dies too.

All the changes, people saved, new ideas implemented die too.

All the creativity, inspiration, projects die too.

Your dreams panic at this realisation.

For they were gifted only to you.

Your fears live on.

For you gave life to your fears.

They are the inspiration you never shared.

The people you never spoke words of love to.

The knowledge & talents never realised.

They seep into the grief of those you love.

They sneak into the doubt of those you knew.

They support and encourage other's fears.

For when you gave life to your fears,

you demonstrated to others to do the same.

Be courageous.

Be daring.

Face your fears.

Give life to your dreams.

And in doing so you will give permission for those you love to do the same.

If it's time to face your fears, book a session with me.

Make your life amazing.

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