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Acknowledge the Need for Change

Most people don’t like change.

Yeah, they throw around the rhetoric that they are all for it. Like it’s the next ‘in thing’.

But deep down inside they don’t.

Change represents upheaval.

It represents a lack of control.

It takes us to the unknown.

We are all very good at sticking with what we know.

We know that what we are eating is bad for us. But we do it anyway.

We know that relationship is dulling our sparkle but we stay in it anyway.

We know we are not really being 100% true to ourselves, but we show only certain bits of ourselves anyway.


Because it’s safe.

It means we ‘belong’.

And belonging, even if it is to something bad for us, is where we want to be.

But what are we ‘belonging’ to?

A falsity.

When we don’t step fully into the truth of who we are, we ‘belong’ to the same group where everyone else is being false. Which means ultimately, that nothing around you is real.

You are not being real. The person you are interacting with is not being real.

It take courage, to take that leap of faith and fully step into who you really are.

Owning it.

Seeing it.

Being it.

That is when real change occurs.

And contrary to popular belief, there is no unknown.

In fact, it is a return to what you already know, but maybe have forgotten; who you already know, but maybe have forgotten; and a return to what you already are, but maybe have forgotten.

You know deep within you who you really are.

You know that when you accept the truth of who you are there will be no upheaval.

There will just be a coming home.

And when you fully accept and step into your truth, you give permission for others to do the same.

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