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YOU Are Not Your Experiences.

When we believe our story we become our story. Yet we are not our story. The things that happened to us are experiences, they are not us. But we make them into our story. We make them become us. We focus on the highlights – the dramas, the chaos because those are the impactful moments.

Our story is never about our experience of waiting in a queue or sitting in traffic. There is no pay off for us if our story is about the dull moments. Our story is always about our fears, our phobias, our loss, our heartbreak. Yet these are not us. These are experiences we have had, that cause an emotional reaction. That grow limiting beliefs that keep us stuck in the drama and chaos.

Each time we re-tell our story, or give ourselves a label, we believe it once more. We relive it once more. We recreate it once more. It reinforces what we think is the real us. We fully invest ourselves in this. But this is just a falsity.

Emotions are an energy. But you are your own energy. You have your own unique vibration. When you sit in your story, you bring in the energy of the emotions you experienced previously. You lay this on top of your own energy. Then you think that this is who you are.

But you are no more the clothes you put on then you are the emotions you ‘wear’. You don’t become the jumper or the socks. So don’t become the emotion. Don’t become the event. Don’t become the label. Just as you can remove your clothes and stand fully naked, you can remove yourself from your story, from the emotions, from the energy of the emotions and be fully ‘naked’ in your own energy. THIS is who you are. THIS is your story.

When an event happens the person or the event didn’t DO anything to YOU. Something happened. Then you responded. You reacted emotionally. But then, when you sit in that story, you continue to react emotionally. You continue to bring in that energy. It’s a bit like not taking off our clothes at the end of the day and then putting new clothes over the top the following day. Eventually we will be unable to physically move because we will be encumbered by the layers and layers of clothes we are wearing. This is what happens when we become our story. When we sit in our layers of emotions. When we are restricted by limiting beliefs. When we operate in a space of drama and chaos.

Peace comes to those who recognise they are more than their story. That at any time they can rise above their emotions and reconnect with their own unique energy. This is what you can control. This is the only true story of who you are. THIS is your magic into calmness and peace. THIS is your story.

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