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5 Signs You're Falling Apart ( and why that's a good thing).

1. Nothing in life sits right with you anymore. You feel out of place in most situations.

2. You step back from relationships and wonder what your commonality is anymore.

3. The urge to speak and live your true self becomes stronger and stronger everyday.

4. Your fear of being judged or rejected is being challenged by a desire to just be yourself.

5. There is a yearning deep inside you for something, but you can't quite put your finger on it.

When you fall apart you can:

a) Give yourself space to explore who you are outside the context of your upbringing, your culture, your age, your gender or your life experiences.

b) Find comfort in the fact that all things have a season and everything is cyclic. Even if family relationships are coming apart you realise this is an opportunity for you all to find your true north outside the family structure.

c) Understand that you may have played a role to suit a situation of a person in the past but you do not need to continue to play the role.

d) Explore your inner world in such a way that your intuition guides you back to your knowing, that which you were born with. When you rediscover it, there will be a feeling of coming home.

Putting together the new pieces.

1. When you get stuck on the treadmill of life, you follow what you ' think' you 'should' be doing. The longer you stay there, the harder it is to get off. Observing who you are from an outsider's perspective provides you with an opportunity to see your circumstances in a different light, which then allow for greater depth of understanding.

2. We like to hold on to things and try to keep things the same, but everything is in flux, everything is in motion. All things go through cycles and changes and allowing that gives you the wisdom to accept a new narrative, a new way of seeing yourself in the midst of those changes. This also means in those darkest moment change will always come. It is inevitable. Remember that.

3. You are constantly reassessing who you are because you are always evolving. Even if you tried to cling to the person you used to be, those around you would change, therefore your interaction with them would also have to change. As you change, your role changes.

4. One day it dawns on you that there is more to life than mere 'working, eating, sleeping'. The quintessential question of 'why am I here?' and 'what is my purpose ?' raises its head and you are given the opportunity to explore its depths. The trick is to silence the mind and listen to your heart, to your inner knowing. When things 'sit right' you'll know you have your answer.

5. Fully understanding who you are, liking who you are and putting your true and authentic self forward can be daunting. When you let go of the need to be liked by others and accept you need to be liked by yourself, the need for approval and acceptance lessens and you free yourself to be genuine.

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