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Fiona van Lochem





In person, remotely or online nationally or internationally.

Are you stressed, anxious, depressed, stuck, lost, drained, unconfident, unmotivated, confused, overwhelmed or disillusioned? Are you experiencing an awakening or becoming more aware of the truth & lies of our world? Do you feel isolated or alone?

Do you wish to feel abundant, joyful, empowered, authentic, strong, confident, vivacious, happy? Do you want to walk your truth and be in alignment with your soul?

CONTACT ME NOW PH: 0418 512 822

Rapid Transformational Therapy

Access your subconscious to remove deep-seated limiting beliefs.



- Wisdom Words

Intuitive Transformational Coaching  for guidance, support and encouragement.

Soul Awakening

90 Days to a Divine Life

Full Package containing the works! 

Emotion Code

Body Code

Energy Healing to remove Trapped Emotions & balance the energy body.

Understanding Soul Contracts

If you are experiencing difficult relationships or difficulty letting go of a relationship, understanding your soul contract will gift you insight and the space for closure.


Rediscover your authentic truth and live life in alignment.

6 Module Course

Little Lane of Wisdom

35 Inspirational Card Deck


Read what others are saying.

facilitate Life Changing Transformations.

Green Agate

Free yourself from fear, stress, anxiety, unworthiness, imposter syndrome and limiting beliefs.

Alchemise your fears and doubts into confidence, strength, joy and fortitude.

PH: 0418 512 822


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