An Open Letter to the ' Good Men'

In light of recent events where yet another young woman’s life was cut short when she was just out living her life, there has been debate about the fact that toxic masculinity does not refer to the ‘good men’. (#notallmen)

So to those ‘good men’, ponder if you will, how you tarnish your self appointed ‘good men’ title each time you:

Don’t speak out.

Think it is ‘someone else’s problem’.

Frequent a topless bar here or overseas.

Have thoughts that you’d like to ‘tap that ‘ or ‘nail her’.

Pay to see a movie that objectifies women.

Don’t walk out of a movie that has rape scenes or violence towards women.

Play or create video games that do the same.

Fail to notice how much media time is spent on men, especially sports.

Secretly think a man is emasculated if he becomes the stay at home parent, takes his wife’s maiden name or wears pink.

Fail to engage your mates in conversation about how they are feeling, the plight of the underprivileged and how you can all become better at communication.

Ignore how much more effort is required by your female colleague merely walking into a male dominated meeting.

Think ‘she shouldn’t have been walking alone at night.’

When we live in a society where an 11 year old girl cannot go about her day without being abducted and sexually assaulted, you ‘good men’ still have work to do.

Because no one would expect an 11 year old girl to have to be ‘situationally aware’ just on her way to school.

Be more than good. #starttheconversation


#starttheconversationstoptoxicmasculinity #stoptoxicmasculinity #stopviolenceagainstwomen #sterotypes #masculinity #whiteribboncampaign #notallmen #genderequality #metoo #itstime #bullshitbuster

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